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Health recovery center
Specialization: Varices treatment without an operation with the use of a new patented method by Tamara Ternovskaya.

Health recovery center "Materinka".
The medical center "Materinka" is situated at the crossing of Pashutinskaya and Gagarin streets in Kirovograd. The word "Materinka" evokes a recollection of the dearest person – mother, with her warmth, kindness, worry. "Materinka" is a medicinal plant which cures softly, safely. People, who need the treatment, find amicability, attention and a high level of qualification in the medical center "Materinka".

In the medical center "Materinka", varices are cured without an operation with the help of the patented method by Tamara Ternovskaya. The treatment is provided by the method inventor. Furthermore, positive results are observed by the treatment of osteochondrosis, migraine, hypertension, apoplexy and infarction consequences, cardiac diseases, hernias, radiculitis, traumas, menopause, lung and kidney diseases, highmoritis, salpingitis and pelvic cavity diseases, prostatitis, infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome. The use of this method is also distinguished by rejuvenation effect, health improvement in whole, disease prevention and immunity increase.

In the medical center, there are used only natural health improvement and treatment methods, such as hydrogen peroxide, medicinal herbs, leeches, massage and etc.

Here are some comments of people who took treatments in this medical center:

"I am Nataliya (32 years). I consulted Tamara Ternovskaya concerning my migraine and varices. I have already begun to feel improvement after the second session. I got rid of migraine and varices completely after undergoing a course of treatment. I am very grateful to specialists of the center for their treatment, care, attention. 27.03.10."
"Olena, 36 years. The doctor, Tamara Ternovskaya, has cured me of varices with the help of medicine droppers, herb compresses, leeches. I am very content with the result. I would like to express my special thank for my child whom I learnt to treat for chill without any tablet. I advice everybody to harden children. My son is 4 years. We have already thrown cold water on all members of our family for a year."

"I am Anna Ivanivna, 71 years, underwent a course of treatment in the medical center "Materinka". I have undergone 14 sessions and feel improvement in my legs in which I had a pain after my operation for varices above and under knees. A backache has also disappeared. Here I took the cure with the help of droppers with hydrogen peroxide, leeches, herb compresses.
I don’t feel any pain now; there appeared lightness in the legs.
I am very content with the result and work of these assiduous people."

"Jesus Christ is my chief doctor and I am very grateful that he gives us his grace, sending us such wonderful specialists who I met in the medical center "Materinka". The unique technology of hydrogen peroxide treatment patented by its inventor, Tamara Ternovskaya, helped me to get rid of varices. I am 67 years old and have suffered from this disease for a long time. Now several kilometer walks turned into delight for me. Thank God! With love and heartfelt gratitude the patient, Svetlana Sergiyivna."

We are wellcome people who will come in Ukrain to visit Euro 2012 - UEFA European Championship 2012 fixtures, also to vist our medical center "Materinka", where varices are cured without an operation with the help of the patented method by Tamara Ternovskaya. We are looking forward to meeting you in Kirovograd in 2012!

We bring to your notice that:

For the time being, the right to use Ternovskaya's method of varices treatment with the help of hydrogen peroxide wasn’t given to any private person or organization.
All treatment subtleties with the help of patented method by Tamara Ternovskaya (over 95 nuances – from introduction speed, injection frequency to individual adjustment of herb dosage) are known only to its inventor and are not subject to reproduction by attempts of distance learning. Nobody, except the inventor, knows all special features of this method. The ignorant and unprofessional use of Ternovskaya’s methodology will lead to gross errors, unforeseen results and user discrediting of this varices treatment method.

The use of this method by other persons or organizations entails the legal liability as the infringement on intellectual property and is penalized by the law.


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